Knee Injuries, sports injuries and Chiropractic

Knee injuries are one of the most common types of sports injuries especially in sports that feature running, contact and jumping. Chiropractic care is often the first step in evaluation and management of an injures knee. Several different types of injuries can result in injury to different structures of the knee.
Blows to the knee from the outside often result in damage to the ligaments on the inside of the knee (the Medial Collateral ligaments-MCL). The MCL is known to be most susceptible to injury when the knee is bent. Rotational injuries with the foot fixed on the ground are often responsible for injuries to the meniscus. Hyperextension injury often affects the ACL. ACL injury is most often associated with sudden stopping or cutting. Contraction of the quadriceps is known to have a protective effect on the knee. Knee injuries in skiing is thought to be most related to a rotational mechanism.
Overuse injuries are often very successfully treated with Chiropractic treatments. Myofascial release treatments are often the most effective Chiropractic technique for overuse injuries at the knee. Running is often linked to IT band syndrome, especially in women. Problems with the IT band are often seen as pain in the outer part of the knee just above the joint. Jumping and sprinting are often associated with tendinitis of the quadriceps. Osgood Schlatter’s is often associated with running/jumping sports and results in pain at the front of the knee below the knee cap. Pain in Osgood Schlatter’s is felt more at the attachment of the quadriceps below the knee. If pain is felt going up/down steps it is often indicative of tendinitis of the quadriceps (also called patello-femoral pain or chondromalacia patella).

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