Injuries of the Hips in Sports and Chiropractic

The most common injury to the buttocks in sports is from a direct blow such as from a knee or elbow. Usually the skin is not injured due to being padded by the muscle and fat below. The gluteal muscles often undergo contusion in a direct blow scenario but this does not usually cause a lack of function of the muscle in a significant way. In most of the buttocks area there is thick muscle that is not prone to being pinched between a bon structure. Often a blow may produce a tender, painful muscle mass that is uncomfortable but not disabling.
The sciatic nerve is able to be contused by blows to the buttocks. In this type of condition the pain may begin in the buttocks and extend down the back of the thigh and into the calf and foot. The type of pain that results from a sciatic contusion is similar to sciatica from such causes as a disc problem to piriformis entrapment. Raising a straightened leg often causes the pain to increase and numbness may be felt in some areas of the leg or foot. Often a contusion of the sciatic nerve needs no additional treatment but the person should be careful to avoid stretching the nerve any further.
Another area of the buttocks that may become contused is the ischial tuberosity. The hamstrings attach onto the ischial tuberosity and it is also the bony area of the pelvis that we sit on. Falling on the butt may cause irritation of the bones and a localized painful area.
Bursitis of the hip is usually felt at the side of the hip and over the greater trochanter of the femur (the bumps at the side of the hip). In some cases hip bursitis may radiate down the leg but usually causes a localized pain at the side of the hip.
Dr. Tom Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience. His Chiropractic practice serves Olathe, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas. Dr. Etter’s practice focus is back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and acpuncture.

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