Causes of hip and back pain in Chiropractic

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of patients consulting a Chiropractor. The sacro-iliac joints are the joints between the sacrum (tail bone) and hips. The ligaments of the sacro-iliac joints are very strong but allow some movement. The movement of these joints is greatest in the young and decreases with age. The sacro-iliac joints are felt just at or below the belt line in most people.
Theories on why the SI joints are pain sensitive vary. These joints do not have a disc as in the joints of the lumbar spine but may be effected by thinning of the cartilage, or lack of motion in the joint. Some of the pain that may result from SI joint problems may result from prolonged tightness of the muscles of the hips and back.
The pain from an SI problem may be felt in the groin, on the side of the hip, down the back of calf to the ankle or toes. An SI sprain may be the cause of sciatica which is pain that travels down the back of the leg.
Usually the SI joint is tender if pressed on at the two bumps in the back just below the belt line.

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