What are the signs of a disc herniation in the neck?

Disc herniations are one of the more difficult conditions to diagnose and treat in the Chiropractic practice. Disc herniations in the neck occur primarily in younger persons as the disc tends to dry out later in life and have less of a liquid center that may herniate. After age 40 the disc is said to be less able to herniate.
The most common symptoms of a disc herniation in the neck are complaints of neck and arm pain. The onset of neck and arm pain often follows a neck injury but it may not. Often the pain may begin gradually. A person with a disc herniation in the neck often has a history of multiple episodes of neck pain after minor injury. Weakness in the hand is another common symptom of disc herniation. The pain in the arm is usually described as a deep ache and the pain may be relieved with the hand held behind the head. The pain may also radiate into the middle of the back between the shoulder blades. The motion of the neck is also limited with one side usually being more restricted.
In some cases bone spurs may be responisible for the neck and arm pain and the condition may be very similar to a true disc herniation.
MRI and CT scans of the neck are usually reserved for those in severe pain or those who cannot get any relief from conservative treatment methods.
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