What conditions of the neck may cause arm pain? Chiropractic topics

Disc herniations are one major cause of neck and arm pain. Thoracic outlet syndrome is another condition which may cause diffuse arm pain. Thoracic outlet syndrome refers to compression of the nerves and blood supply to the arm. Several areas may impinge on the nerves and blood vessels in the arm including the upper ribs and muscles of the neck and shoulder. Thoracic outlet is a condition which may be aggrevated by working with the arms over the head. Often thoracic outlet problems with cause a path of pain down the inside of the arm to little and ring fingers.
The Chiropractic approach to treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome involves stretching of tightened muscles and strengthening of weakened muscles. The rhomboids and trapezius are the most important muscles to strengthen which usually involves rowing type exercises. Trigger point techniques are also effective in reducing the muscular compression aspect of thoracic outlet.

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