Arm numbness and tingling-Chiropractic treatment

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a common condition in which numbness and tingling is felt down the arm. The condition is often made worse by working with the arms over the head or extended sitting with the arms raised in the front of the body (computer work). Usually the pain travels down the inside of the arm to the little finger and ring finger.
The cause of the condition is compression of the brachial plexus (the nerves that run down the arm) or the arteries that supply the arm. There are several possible areas in which the nerves or blood vessels may become impinged. Muscular compression by the muscles in the side of the neck (called the scalenes) is one such area. Additionally tightness of the pectorals may also cause irritation of the brachial plexus. Some postures are especially associated with thoracic outlet syndrome such as sitting with the head bent forward and the shoulders rounded. In some cases a traumatic incident may be associated with the onset of thoracic outlet syndrome.
Thoracic outlet syndrome is often treated with success by conservative measures including Chiropractic treatment and myofascial release. Postural correction, stretching and muscle strengthening are also important. Trigger point therapy or myofascial release is often very helpful as well. In Chiropractic treatment adjustment of the first rib is a common treatment as the first rib is one possible cause of impingement of the brachial plexus and blood vessels.
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