Back Pain, pregnancy and Chiropractic

Lower back pain is common in pregnant women. Chiropractic is known to be a safe and effective treatment for back pain in pregnant women. One of the main considerations in Chiropractic care of pregnant women is avoiding any type of pressure on the abdomen. Some Chiropractic tables are equiped with breakaway sections that can accomodate pregnant patients up to a certain point after which lying face down is not possible. Avoiding prolonged lying on the back is also an important consideration in the comfort of a pregnant patient. In the last trimester sacral mobility is an important consideration and trigger point therapy my also be very effective.
The increasing forward weight position of advancing pregnancy causes changes in the curvature of the spine which may irritate the joints of the lower back and cause pain to radiate down the leg. Additionally, the forward weight position may add stress to the musculature of the neck and shoulder area. Stretching of the muscles of the chest in conjunction with stengthening of the muscles of the back and shoulder blade are often an effective combination.
Dr. Etter is a Chiropractor with over ten years of practice experience. Etter Chiropractic serves Olathe, Kansas, Lenexa, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas.

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