Pain between the Shoulder blades: Chiropractic topics

One of the most common complaints of those who sit at a desk or computer for a living is pain between the shoulder blades. Usually the pain is described as a constant aching pain in the middle and upper part of the back. The pain is usually relieved by activity and made worse by working at a desk.
The imbalance of the muscles of the chest and back are a contributor to this type of back pain. Most working positions at a desk or computer emphasize a hunched position with the head bent forward. This position causes shortening of the muscles of the chest and weakening of the muscles of the back. Some persons who work for years at a desk may even show an accentuation of the curve of the mid back in what is called a hyperkyphosis (or hump back). Often the muscles of the upper back will be tight and tender with trigger points present in the trapezius, chest and shoulder blade musculature. Trigger point therapy or myofascial release technique is one of the most effective Chiropractic techniques in dealing with trigger points of the upper back. The general recommendation for Chiropractic care of pain in the mid back involves a two week plan of care with Chiropractic adjustments and myofascial trigger point therapy at a frequency of three times per week. If the relief is not achieved by the end of the first week of Chiropractic treatment often a second series of treatments is effective. Acupuncture is often highly effective as well in dealing with trigger points of the upper back and shoulders and is often effective in persons who do not achieve full recovery with Chiropractic methods.
Long term prevention of this condition involves stretching of tight pectoral muscles conbined with strengthening of the muscles of the back. Rowing type motions or lifts are often effective. Stretching on a gym ball is also effective for some people. Modification of the work environment is also helpful to avoid irritating postures.
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