Chest and midback pain: Chiropractic topics

Chest pain is often a indicator of heart problems and may require immediate medical attention. Other types of pain in the chest and midback are not associated with the heart and may be treated with Chiropractic care and other conservative measures.
Muscle strain in the chest is usually the result of a single or repetitive overuse which may result from lifting something heavy or working. The most effective Chiropractic technique for treating strain of the chest muscles is myofascial or trigger point work.
Rib fractures in adults usually result from a direct blow to the chest or a fall onto the chest. The most common area of the ribs that may fracture is on the sides of the ribs to the back. In healthy adults a direct trauma is needed to break the ribs. In the elderly or persons with osteoporosis, minor event may fracture a rib. In some cases the rib may be partially fractured and be referred to as a cracked rib. Rib fractures usually result in difficult and painful breathing and diffucult in lying on the back. Multiple rib fractures usually require immediate medical attention but cracked ribs or small single fractures can be managed conservatively with rest, pain medication, and avoiding sleeping on the back/laughing/sneezing. Rib fratures may cause pain for about 1-2 months.
Tietze’s syndrome is a condition that often effects woman over 50 years old. This condition is known to cause moderate or severe pain on the upper part of the chest on one side. Usually on the second to third ribs. The cause of the condition is unknown but may be inflammatory in nature. In some cases there may be some history of over exertion or coughing. Chiropractic care may be effective in treatment of this conditioin. In persons who cannot get relief from Chiropractic care, medical care can be effective.

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