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Bursitis is a common cause of pain in the hip. Pain on the side of the hip may be the result of bursitis (trochanteric bursitis). This type of pain is usually localized to the side of the hip and may produce a minor limp. Bursitis of the hip is often seen in the age group of 40-60. Bursitis in the side of the hip may also radiate into the lower back, thigh and knee. Sleeping on the painful side is often not possible. Bursitis of the hip is often due to long term overuse and excessive motion may irritate active cases of bursitis. Pain in the lower back is also a contributor to hip bursitis. Most any condition that causes pain in the lower back or hip may be a cause of bursitis in the hip.
Stretching of the muscles of the side of the hip (gluteus medius) are often helpful. Persons suffering from hip bursitis should avoid activities such as walking on side sloping surfaces. Rest is helpful in the acute phase. Some running strides may also be irritating such as running with a stride in which the foot crosses the midline of the body.
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