Causes of Numbness

Persons who are experiencing numbness or tingling usually have involvement of the nerves. The list of possible causes of numbness is extensive. One of the most common causes of numbness is diabetes related numbness. In the Chiropractic setting numbness is often reported in which the cause is not able to be determined. Referred pain or sensory changes from other parts of the body are a possibility in cases such as these.
Changes in sensory perception at the skin may be either numbness (known as paresthesia) or what is known as dysesthesias (irritating sensations provoked by light touch).
Diabetic neuropathy is often indicated by a family history or diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is associated with decreased reflexes and reduced sensation in the hands and feet. Some neuropathies may be inherited. Usually a family history of neuropathy is present. In inherited neuropathy hammer toes, decreased reflexes and decreased sensation in the hands and feet are present.
In the Chiropractic setting numbness in the side of the thigh is a common complaint. This condition is known as Meralgia paresthetica. The condition may be caused by pregnancy, prolonged sitting, diabetes or wearing a holster or belt.

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