Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder refers to a condition which causes pain and limited mobility of the shoulder. Usually this condition effects persons over 40 years old. In the acute phase the shoulder is often moderately to very painful and all motions are limited. Usually there is not an injury or episode associated with the start of pain and reduced mobility. The pain of acute frozen shoulder may make it difficult to sleep.
After several months of pain a person may notice lifting the arm or turning it out is difficult. Most often motion gradually returns but still may remain limited.
The cause of frozen shoulder is unknown. The most accepted theory is that fibrous adhesions develop in the joint capsule of the shoulder. Some persons may be predisposed to frozen shoulder such as diabetics or those with heart conditions. It appears that frozen shoulder is not associated with immobilization.
The initial pain phase of frozen shoulder is difficult to treat. Chiropractic care including myofascial release is most effective once the pain has largely subsided in the 1-3 month range. The most commonly recommended exercises include arm pendulum and wall walking with the arm. Mild Chiropractic mobilization of the arm is often effective in increasing range of motion. Significant improvement should occur within 1-3 months.

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