Shoulder pain: Tendonitis/calcification

Severe shoulder pain that limits mobility of the shoulder is often characteristic of acute bursitis/tendonitis of the shoulder. The condition may or may not be associated with an injury. It was once accepted that calcification was responsible for rupturing the bursa in this type of shoulder pain but the idea has not been shown to be true. Calcification of the shoulder tendons is most often seen in persons between 30-60 years old. Many persons may show marked calcification of the shoulder yet have no pain or limited range of motion. The pain and bursitis of this type of shoulder pain is most likely due to inflammatory processes.
Chiropractic management may involve limiting the movements of the shoulder via a sling or support. Ultrasound treatment has been shown to have benefit as well. In the initial phases of treatment often patients are in such severe pain that pain medications may be indicated.

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