A-C joint separation injury to the shoulder

The A-C joint is the joint between the collar bone and the shoulder blade. It is located at the tip of the shoulder.
Injuries to the joint occur most often when someone falls on the tip of the shoulder with the arm pinned down or by falling on an outstretched hand. Falling on the tip of the shoulder often can result in breaking the collar bone. Separated a-c joints can stick up and be visible under the skin.
Mild separations do not cause complete tearing of the a-c joint ligament and are stable. More severe separations can actually tear ligaments and are considered unstable. X rays can rule out fracture of the collar bone in sports injury or auto injury. All a-c joint separations can be managed conservatively with Chiropractic, physiotherapy and stabilization. More severe grades of separation can cause a permanent bump at the shoulder over the joint. The standard approach of treatment is support with an arm sling. Strengthening exercise focus on the deltoids and upper trapezius initially followed by exercises for the biceps and pectorals. Most cases can return to near full function.

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