Back and leg pain caused by stenosis: Chiropractic treatments

Stenosis is a condition of the lower back that may cause pain in both the leg and back. Stenosis refers to narrowing of the nerve space and the resulting impingement of the nerves. The narrowing may be due to scar tissue or overgrowth of bone. Stenosis may be due to congenital factors or due to back injury.
Stenosis usually effects people 50 years old and older. The pain may be on one or both sides and may be diffuse and hard to localize. Often the pain makes it difficult to walk far and relief is usually obtained by resting/sitting. Sitting or lying in a flexed position is usually the best for relief.
Stenosis can be a difficult condition to diagnose as signs and symptoms vary widely. For sciatica to be due to stenosis there are usually several levels of narrowing in the spine.
One interesting aspect of stenosis is that some persons may find riding a bicycle does not cause back or leg pain. This is due to the bending position relieving pressure on nerves.
Many sufferers of lower back pain and sciatica due to stenosis are able to gain improvement without medical treatment. The response to Chiropractic care of those with stenosis is less predictable than with other causes of lower back pain. Some persons with stenosis are also benefits by exercise, pain medications and steroid injections.

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