Causes of sciatica

Sciatica is a term that describes pain running down the back of the leg. Several parts of the back may be the cause of the pain. Sciatica that travels below the knee is often more associated with disc problems and irritation of the nerves. Numbness of the leg is also an indicator of disc problems. Usually sciatica that travels below the knee is associated with recurrent episodes of back pain that resolve without sciatica. The most common age for an episode of sciatica due to a disc herniation is 30-50. After a certain age the disc tends to loose internal fluidity and have less of a capacity to herniate. Often a person with an acute episode of sciatica reports an episode of twisting while bending resulting in immediate pain. Many persons who seek Chiropractic care, however, may report a more insidious onset over several weeks resulting in sciatica and back pain. If the disc is the cause of sciatica the pain in the leg may be more of a concern that pain in the back.
Younger persons with disc problems usually experience more pain with sitting. Older persons with disc problems may have more problems walking or standing due to a disc herniation.
One of the most effective Chiropractic techniques for treating disc conditions is Flexion/Distraction technique which is designed to relieve pressure on inflamed discs.

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