Shoulder Pain and whiplash

Some of the most common conditions that Chiropractors treat in relation to whiplash are neck pain and headaches. Shoulder pain is another common condition that may arise secondary to a whiplash.
Often conditions of the shoulder may be aggravated by whiplash. Muscle imbalances and pain causing altered balance of muscles and different postures is a contributing factor.
What many people describe as shoulder pain is pain in the trapezius muscle. The trapezius is often strained in a whiplash and experiences spasm as a result. Strain to the trapezius can cause pain radiating down the back of the neck and upper back and into the area between the shoulder blades. Strained muscle are usually aggravated by stretching or movement of the muscle. Muscle tears usually produce pain that is described as burning.
If pain in the shoulder is related to an injury to the discs of the neck the pain is usually made worse by movements of the neck. Traction is one Chiropractic technique that may provide relief in such conditions. Persons with whiplash disc injuries often find that holding the arm over the head provides pain relief. Pain from disc injuries is often described as sharp and shock like.

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