Trigger points, whiplash and neck pain. Chiropractic treatments

Whiplash and neck injuries in sports often cause extreme stress and stretch on the muscles which may have long lasting effects. Often overstretched or strained muscles can cause reduced range of motion, painful trigger points and weakness. In the neck and shoulder such strain of the muscles can lead to pain, numbness and weakness in the arm (known as thoracic outlet syndrome).
Trigger points refer to tender areas of a muscle or a tender knot in the muscle. Active trigger points in injured muscles can refer pain into other areas of the body. Trigger points also effect the ability of the muscle to contract and relax normally and cause pain on motion.
The most effective Chiropractic treatment that addresses trigger points is myofascial release. In myofascial release technique muscles are contracted and relaxed under a selective pressure designed to stretch through the painful trigger point.

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