Causes of pain: Muscles and nerves

Pain is often difficult to localize and describe. Pain originating in the deep structures of the body such as the muscles and spine is often hard to accurately localize. Muscular pain may have a lag time of minutes to hours after an injury.
Pain stimulation of the upper neck is known to refer pain into the base of the head and may even refer to the forehead. Pain in the base of the head is often an indication to Chiropractors that the cause of the pain is the first two vertebrae in the spine (the atlas and axis).
Pain stimuli in the thoracic spine or middle back can produce sweating, rapid heart rate and a faint feeling.
Pain in the muscles may produce what is often referred to as a “vicious cycle”. In such a vicious cycle and injured muscle experiences spasm which may cause spasm in muscles with common nerve supply. The secondary muscle spasm may be more intense than that of the originally injured muscle. If untreated the cycle may result in chronic and painful myofascial disorders. Often the patterns of pain are related to areas of the spine with abnormal motion. Chiropractic adjustments seek to restore normal motion to the spine and break the vicious cycle of pain and spasm. Myofascial release treatment is a specialized Chiropractic technique that is able to directly treat injured muscles and address scar tissue and trigger points.

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