Lower back pain and the S-I joints

One of the most common presentations of lower back pain is the scenario of sharp pain in the back after straightening from a stooped position. The S-I joints are known to be susceptible to acute episodes of back pain with radiation into the leg or buttocks. In this way pain from a S-I joint is similar to pain from a disc problem. The pain from an S-I joint problem is often sharp and stabbing and can be relieved by sitting or lying down. Posture is less of a factor with S-I joint problems.
It has been estimated that S-I joint problems account for up to half of cases of back pain seen by Chiropractors. Persons with an S-I joint problem are often able to point right to the painful joint. In younger persons, the pregnant or with degenerative arthritis prolonged or sudden lifting or bending is known to be a risk factor for S-I joint sprain and acute back pain.
Persons with S-I joint problems often have dramatic pain relief with Chiropractic adjustments.

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