What are the signs of a disc problem in the back?

It has been estimated about a third of cases of lower back pain are due to disc problems. One of the key signs of a disc problem is pain that travels below the knee. Pain that travels below the knee is suggestive of a problem with the disc. The pain from a lumbar disc problems usually travels down the back of the leg and is known commonly as sciatica. Numbness in the foot or ankle is another common sign of a disc problem. Persons with disc problems usually have a history of recurrent episodes of back pain without leg pain. Most often disc problems effect those between 30 and 50. In younger people with disc problems the pain is usually worse with sitting and less with walking or standing. In older persons with disc problems the reverse is usually true and walking or standing is more painful. MRI is the preferred method to determine the status of the disc. MRI is usually reserved for those who cannot get relief through conservative means such as Chiropractic or who have severe pain or muscle involvement.

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