Lower back pain prevention and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care for lower back pain is most effective in combination with therapeutic exercise. Lower impact exercises such as walking or sitting on a gym ball are beneficial even in the initial stages of an episode of lower back pain. Movement within the pain free range is recommended in the initial stages of an episode of back pain. The primary focus of exercise in lower back pain is to strengthen the abdominals and stretch the muscles of the back. Secondary to strengthening the muscles general endurance and functional movement patterns are emphasized.
Balance exercises on the gym ball (Swiss ball) are an important part of prevention and treatment of lower back pain. The gym ball is effective for both strength and proprioception. Easy exercises that stress balance such as sitting on the gym ball while moving the hips are effective for prevention and treatment of back pain. The gym ball is also great for exercises of the neck and stretching the hamstrings.
Proper lifting is essential for lower back pain prevention. The spine is the most susceptible to injury after extended sitting or lying. Twisting while lifting is also associated with back injury. All lifting should be accompanied by contraction of the back and abdominal muscles.
Sitting positions can also put extra stress on the discs of the lower back and lead to back pain. Lumbar supports that support the natural curve of the lower back are helpful while sitting. Foam wedges with tail bone cutouts are also helpful in sitting to maintain the proper lower back curvature.

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