Upper Back pain and sitting on the job

Pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck is one of the most common complaints of those who sit at a desk for multiple hours a day. Often pain is felt as a constant aching pain in the middle and upper back. The pain is usually relieved by activity and made worse by working at a desk.
The position of leaning over a desk or a computer causes an imbalance between the muscles of the chest and back. The forward “hunched” head position also puts stress on the muscles and joints of the neck. The muscles of the chest may become chronically shortened and the muscles of the back weakened. Often the mid back may become overly rounded. Trigger points or tender spots in the muscles of the upper back and neck are common in this condition.
Chiropractic adjustments to the neck and upper back are highly effective in treatment of the upper back and neck. Trigger point or myofascial release therapy is also highly effective in dealing with muscular pain.
Exercises such as rowing type motions are effective as well. Stretching of the chest muscles is helpful.
Acupuncture treatment with electronic stimulation of the needles is an effective treatment for upper back pain that involves multiple trigger points.

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