Shoulder pain and Chiropractic care

Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions in Chiropractic practice. Shoulder pain may be the result of chronic instability of the shoulder, overuse conditions or injury. Pain in the shoulder may also be caused by problems in the neck. For most types of shoulder pain conservative management for up to 6 months is recommended.
In older populations long term wear and tear may lead to pinching of the rotator cuff in a condition called shoulder impingement. Older persons may also loose motion in the shoulder in a condition known as adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder.
Trauma to the shoulder or previous surgery may be associated with early degeneration of the joint (arthritis). Arthritis may be a primary cause of shoulder pain even if it is still to early to be visible on x rays. Arthritis may also be associated with past surgeries. Rheumatoid arthritis is another condition which can be associated with shoulder pain. Advanced rheumatoid arthritis is a known cause of rotator cuff rupture.
Sports injury may be a cause of shoulder separations or rotator cuff tears. Dislocation of the shoulder is associated with shoulder instability. Dislocations of the shoulder commonly cause tears of the labrum (a stabilizing structure of the shoulder). Labrum tears are a cause of chronic instability.
Rotator cuff tear is a common sports injury of the shoulder. Chronic weakness of the shoulder is the most apparent sign of outright tear of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff may also be the site of overuse injury or impingement of the rotator cuff. Such sports as swimming, weight lifting and throwing sports are known to contribute to shoulder impingement.

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