Neck pain and Chiropractic. When neck pain involves the disc

Neck pain that involves pain that runs into the arm is often an indicator of disc pressure on the nerves of the neck. In such cases patients often have multiple episodes of neck pain following minor injury. Often weakness in the hand is a concern as well. The pain is often described as a deep ache. Sometimes holding the hand over the head is a position that allows some relief.
In adults over 40 the likelihood of a true disc herniation causing nerve pressure becomes decreased due to drying out of the interior of the disc. In some cases bone spurs may also cause nerve compression.
Disc herniations in the neck cause a limited range of motion often more on one side than the other. Sometimes the pain may be felt between the shoulder blades.
MRI is often used to evaluate neck pain when disc herniation is suspected but usually only after a trial of conservative, Chiropractic or medical management.
Thoracic outlet syndrome and joint pain in the neck are other causes of pain involving the neck that may radiate down the arm.

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