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How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is based on the principle of stimulation of acupoints. Acupoints exist along pathways or meridians of energy that are distributed at predictable locations on the body. Meridians do not directly relate to the muscles, nerves or blood vessels, rather … Continue reading

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Face Pain and Chiropractic

Pain in the face is a somewhat common complaint in Chiropractic patients. Often the pain can be referred from the joints or muscles of the neck. The condition known as trigeminal neuralgia causes pain in the face and is a … Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Dizziness

Acupuncture has established treatments for dizziness. The point locations for acupuncture treatment correspond with those for problems of the inner ear and ringing of the ears. Acupuncture treatment usually involves the insertion of 20-40 needles. The needles are very fine … Continue reading

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Trigeminal Neuralgia and Acupuncture

Trigeminal neuralgia refers to a condition of unknown cause that produces pain in the face. The pain is usually felt on one side and is often described as burning, shooting or sharp. The pain often results from a light touch … Continue reading

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Electrical acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is based on the concepts that there are points on the surface of the human body that have a two way communication with the body’s energy balance. An acupuncture point is said to exist at, above and below the … Continue reading

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